The State Museum of Literature

The State Literature Museum holds a 9,000 item collection of Chekhov artefacts and memorabilia, including: 1) photographs, including personal and family photos, photos from Chekhov’s trips and photos of theatre productions; 2) personal items; 3) drawings and paintings of Chekhov’s siblings as well as other artists connected to the family; 4) archives of materials from theatre productions around the world and of illustrations to Chekhov books.


Chekhov Memorial house

Chekhov lived in the house (with several other members of the family) from August 1886 up until he left for his trip to Sakhalin in April 1890. While living there, Chekhov wrote about one hundred short stories, as well as the works Степь, Скучная история and Иванов. Rooms on the two stories of the house, including Chekhov’s study, his bedroom, bedrooms of his siblings, and the drawing room, are restored with period details and furnishing using contemporary drawings and descriptions.  The exhibition spanning his entire life and literary history contains a number of personal and original items, including items connected with his medical practice.