Museum of the Chekhov book The Island of Sakhalin in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk

The museum is a non-profit organisation within the Ministry of Culture of Sakhalin Region. It is financed through a grant from the city of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, and, to a lesser extent, private donations. It was founded as a result of civic initiative, and in 2013 moved to a new modern building.

The museum is dedicated to the trip Chekhov took to Sakhalin area in 1890, and the resulting book The Island of Sakhalin. The book is seen as bringing to light the plight of Sakhalin population, and the eventual change for the better. The museum’s stated mission is to popularise the book and preserve Chekhov legacy in Sakhalin, as well as Sakhalin other cultural traditions.

The main exhibit focuses on Chekhov’s live, with a special emphasis on the time he spent in Sakhalin, and on the content of the book. To illustrate the narrative, the exhibit draws on contemporaneous and some original personal items that used to belong to Chekhov and the other members of his family.


Chekhov and Shakhalin Museum in Aleksandov-Sakhalinsk


This is a municipal museum with non-profit status, combining natural history, ethnography and literature exhibits. It occupies the house where Chekhov stayed in July of 1890 during his trip to Sakhalin. Chekhov part of the museum collection covers his work on Sakhalin population census and the book Остров Сахалин. The museum offers a guided tour about Chekhov’s motivations for the trip, his work and impressions during it.