Chekhov House in Sumy

Chekhov visited Luka area near Sumy in 1888-1889, staying at the western wing of the Lintvarev (Линтварёвы) family three-building country estate. He practiced medicine and wrote drafts of short stories (Неприятность, Красавицы) and plays (Трагик поневоле). Chekhov used observations he has made during his residence in the works Именины, Скучная история, Леший and Чайка.

Several literary and book-publishing figures have visited him at the estate. It has been suggested that Chekhov considered moving to the area for good. An often quoted line of his letter to N.M. Lintvareva is: Аббация и Адриатическое море великолепны, но Лука и Псел лучше. There is a somber connection to the place as well: Chekhov’s brother, Nikolai, died in 1889 and is buried in the Luka cemetery. Chekhov’s last visit to Sumy was in August of 1894.

Museum exhibition consists of drawing and dining rooms with reconstructed interiors, Chekhov’s office and a nook for compounding drugs. Museum collection includes personal items, first editions of Chekhov’s books, original documents and photographs. Part of the exhibit is dedicated to Nikolai, and contains, among other documents, his original drawings.