Chekhov House-Museum in Yalta – “White Dacha”

Chekhov moved to Yalta in 1898 on advice of his doctors. In one year, from October 1898 to September 1899 he built a house, which was his residence until his death in 1904. His mother and sister Maria lived at the house as well. Here he wrote some of his most recognised works, including the shot stories The lady with the Dog, The Bishop, На святках, The Bride and the plays Three Sisters and The Cherry Orchard.

The house and garden were in the care of Chekhov’s sister after his death, so many of the items currently on display are the original belongings of Chekhov and his family. The garden retains planning and a few trees that were planted by Chekhov. The museum holds a biennial conference Chekhov Readings, and supports research on Chekhov’s biography and his works.


Gurzuf Dacha

Chekhov has purchased this property in January of 1900, as a place where he could escape from  numerous visitors and guests of his Yalta house. Here he wrote the first act of the play Три сестры. While Anton Chekhov himself did not live in this house for extended periods of time, several members of his family did.

Three rooms of the house are restored with contemporary furnishings. The exhibits are dedicated to Chekhov’s relationship with his wife, Olga Knipper, the play Three sisters, and the people that have surrounded him, his family and friends.

Omyur Dacha

The Omyur dacha is located in the centre of Yalta. Chekhov rented two rooms there from October 1898 to April 1899. During this time, he oversaw construction of the White dacha, planted the garden, practiced medicine, and had written the short stories Случай из практики, По делам службы, Душечка and Новая дача. In the latter he gives a description of the Omyur dacha.